How to Sign Up

How to Register for Camp

  1. Click Enroll Now to start registration
  2. Select New Parents Open Account "Register"
  3. Select Summer 2018
  4. Read Message then select continue to register
  5. Enter parent/guardian information, Emergency contacts and children information 
  6. Select camp location
  7. Select the camp weeks you wish to register your child (choose no extended care or extended care options)
  8. Read and Sign camp terms and agreement 
  9. Make $300 camp deposit per child
  10. Select Complete Registration 

Due at Registration

$300 is due at the time of registration. $245 of your camp deposit is applied to your child’s first camp weeks and $55 is applied to your child's registration fee, Camp deposit is non refundable. Discounts will be applied to your account once the application is processed.

After Register

  1. KidsRock will review your camp registration 
  2. Once approved you will receive a email with account log in details
  3. Once you received your account log in details please review your camp weeks and create a 4 digit pick up pin for or each parent/authorized adult that can pick up your child(rend) please use the LAST 4 Digits of the adult phone number.  

Remaining Camp Balance and payments

You may log in at anytime to make any payments. Only the balance for the corresponding weeks that you register will be automatically process on the payment due dates below.

Payment Plan (Due dates)

Session 1 Weeks 1, 2      6/1/2018

Session 2 Weeks 3, 4      6/15/2018

Session 3 Weeks 5, 6      6/29/2018

Session 4 Weeks 7, 8      7/13/2018

Session 5 Weeks 9,10    7/27/2018

Session 6 Weeks 11        8/10/2018 New!  *added 3/2/18


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Limited Enrollment
To maintain a low camper to staff ratio and to ensure a quality experience for your child, applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Camp T-Shirt
All campers are required to wear their camp t-shirt on all trip days.


Campers are required to bring a bag lunch daily. Lunches will be stored in coolers upon arrival  to camp

Food Allergy Policy
To ensure the health, safety and well-being of all our campers, parents are advise to instruct their children not to share any parts of their lunch.

Refreshments & Snacks
Campers enrolled in extended care are provided with a snack each day. We will work to create accommodations for campers allergic to items on or snack menu. Water coolers and fountains are easily accessible to campers throughout the day.

Adventure Week

Adventure Weeks is offer our last two weeks of camps. Camp locations or a designated location is use as an pick up and drop off location only. During Adventure weeks campers attend field trips each day. 

Camp Tours
If you and your child would like to meet with us or have a tour of our camp facilities, please call us anytime at 410.402.5814.

Due to access of space our Camp Tours will begin June 15 and continue through out the summer on appointment bases.