Camp Staff


Caring and Engergitic

The best summer camp memories include camp counselors. That’s why we ensure our staff is comprised of energetic, fun loving teachers and colleges students! Many are in fields that support child development and/or, are people who are passionate about children and their success. All staff members are vetted through a thorough screening process including; multiple interviews, state & federal background checks, medical examinations, and camp orientation/training program. 

Training & Development at KidsRock 

All of our staff undergo Camp Culture, Health & Safety, Growth & Development training workshops to learn all of the various aspect of our camp policies and procedures.

Camp Directors also receive:

  • Leadership Training
  • First aid & CPR

Register Nurse is on call for additional support and questions

Learning all Summer long

We also host All Hands Staff summer meetings to discuss our progress, brainstorm ideas to improve and to strengthen our team and family spirit.

In addition our camp directors an camp teams perform weekly staff huddles to discuss the upcoming week agenda and everyone role in making that week safe and memorable. 

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