Camp Safety

Camp Safety

Your child's safety and well being at camp is extremely important to us. Therefore we go to great lengths to recruit, hire and train our dream team for our Summer Camp Programs. Each year our Camp Directors carefully plan, research and learn the latest on summer camp. We strive to constantly update our current safety measures, as well as implement new safety measures each year

A few of our Safety and Accountability measures at camp;

  • Bright UV Protected Water Resistant Camp Shirts
  • Age appropriate groups
  • Only attending lifeguard equipped pools
  • Recruit, hire, train caring team members
  • Designated staff with CPR and First Aid Certifications
  • All staff are FBI and State Background Checked
  • Daily planed agenda and variety of age appropriate activities


Water Safety

Water safety is one of our top priorities. Our counselors are stationed both inside and outside of the water to ensure safe swimming and playing in the pool. In addition campers are required to wear brightly colored, UV protected, water resistant camp shirts. 

Hot Weather 

Throughout the summer, when temperatures are 80 F or above, children are encouraged to drink plenty of water and take the equivalent of a 15 minute break each hour (often several shorter breaks).

Heat Advisory - Heat index of 100 or Above

When the heat index (combination of temperature and humidity) is 100 or above (90F / 60% humidity) the National Weather Service will issue a heat advisory. All camps will take precautions to ensure that individuals are not placed at risk for heat related illnesses or conditions.
  • Modified activities - Staff will limit strenuous exercise and sports activities to short periods, followed by a cooling period.
  • More frequent cooling breaks - Water and shade breaks will happen every 30 - 45 minutes during extremely hot weather.
  • Move activities indoors when appropriate - Especially during the hottest part of the day, camps will go inside or to shaded areas for alternative activities and extended breaks. 

Camp Facilities

All of our camp locations operate within safe public elementary schools, colleges or universities throughout Baltimore to provide the best camp experience. All Camp locations are safely maintained, air conditioned and water cooler equipped to ensure the safety of our campers.