Notre Dame of Maryland University Camp Rates


Save up to $150 OFF your camp tuition! Save $15 off each week you enroll your child. Offer ends January 31st, 2018. Early bird discount can not be use in conjunction with any other discounts ( i.e sibling discounts, etc.)

Please Note: $300 is due at the time of registration. $245 of your camp deposit is applied to your child’s first camp session and $55 is applied to your child's registration fee which is non refundable. Discounts will be applied to the account once the application is processed.


Day Camp Extreme  at Notre Dame of Maryland University 

No extended care 9:00a - 3p                      $238/week

Extended care 7:30a - 6p                           $288/week

Trips included

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Adventure Week

No extended care 8:00a - 5:30p                      $298/week *Trips each day                 

Trips included


Additional Camp Fees 

Camp Registration                                                $55/child

Late Pick Up Fee                                                  $1 per minute /child

Drop - In Care  (7:30a - 6:00p)                             $52/ child (per day) non trip days

Drop - In Care (7:30a - 6:00p)                              $60/ child (per day) trip days 

We will be charging a 3.5% processing fee for credit card payments that are made to KidsRock effective January 1st, 2018.



Sibling Discount                                              6% 

Referral Discount                                            

Earn $25 credit for each friend you refer

When they register for camp you Earn $25 credit and they earn $25 credit.

Win, Win!


Automatic Payment Agreement

I understand that I must have a form of payment on file to process any and all camp tuition and camp fees. Any unpaid services such as additional weeks, extended care, camp shirts, additional services, or late pickup fees will also be charged automatically to the credit card or payment method on file. KidsRock will continue to charge any outstanding camp fees/camp tuition automatically. This agreement also applies to families using certifikid vouchers or child care subsidy vouchers as a form of payment.

Certifikid Voucher or Child Care Subsidy Vouchers

Your card on file will cover any outstanding balances, additional weeks, fees or late pick up fees. Any fees not covered by certifikid vouchers or childcare subsidy payments will be processed using the card or the payment method on file. Payments for camp weeks not covered by certifikid vouchers or childcare subsidies vouchers will be processed on the payment due dates below. Payments for late pick fees, camp t- shirts, will be processed immediately. 

Child Care Subsidy Voucher 

Please note that a signed copy of your child daycare vouchers must be email: or fax: 410.946.6725 for your child application to be approved.

No child will be allowed to start or attend the program until your application as been approved. 

Camp Tuition Payment Program

Register early to confirm your child's enrollmentPay in full or spread your payments. 

Session 1 Weeks 1, 2      6/1/2018

Session 2 Weeks 3, 4      6/15/2018

Session 3 Weeks 5, 6      6/29/2018

Session 4 Weeks 7, 8      7/13/2018

Session 5 Weeks 9,10    7/27/2018


Refund Policies: & Credit Policy

Refund Policies:  We are very flexible and allow for registration changes. However, cancellations made on June 30, 2018 or prior to this date are subject to a full refund minus the $300 non refundable summer camp deposit and registration fee per child.  If cancellation is made between June 30 - July 15, 2018 you will be issued a credit for all tuition fees paid minus the $300 non refundable summer camp deposit and registration fee per child. Your credit is transferable to any KidsRock family member and may be used for any KidsRock summer camp program. Please note No refunds or credits will be given out after July 15, 2018regardless of your registration date. Changes in enrolled weeks are based on availability.


Camp Start & End Dates

Day Camp Extreme at Notre Dame of Maryland University Dates: June 18th - August 24th