After Care Forms

After Care

As Needed Forms

Please Email or Fax all Forms to: E: | F: 410.946.6725

Emergency Contact Form and or Health Inventory Forms

is a required form that may be obtain from your child's school, personal records or printed to be completed by your child's physician/parent.

Medication at KidsRok

If your child will need medication administered to him/her during KidsRock hours, your child's physician will need to fill out and sign. Medication must be in it's original container and must be marked with the prescription label. For any child who has a medication or medication device that may need to be used as a preventative measure while at KidsRock, we require that the parent supply KidsRock with this medication device.

(i.e. KidsRock will need its own Epi-pen if a child has a severe allergy)

Parent Resources

After Care Dates: Coming soon!